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gyaldem is like a gang of girls usually about 30 to 50 dat get together everyday to sit around looking bored and glassyeyed on walls cos there really isnt nothing else to do,smoke weed and wait out side schools to start fights.i think this word is only or ushally used in London.they have a name for themselves,and each indevidual has there own nickname like ''heartless gyal ,that they have scared on to themselves or the initials,or written on various walls or buildings/busstops around their 'ends',they scorn america and everything about it,except maybe a few songs from the bronx.they listen to london emmces ,dont attened school,and use words like 'blood' 'ber' 'gwan' and end every sentence with 'bruvs' and start every sentance with 'boi'
the latin gyaldem, tottenham gyaldem , east gyaldem,hackney and clapham gyaldem ..
heartless-hispanic , lady G ,gatinha/

'boi,i saw sum breh onda bus today,he wos tick bruvs!
by shanna March 27, 2005
Extremely huge, sexy, nice ass!
She be shakin her kudunkadunk

She got some kudunkadunk
by Shanna February 19, 2005
A term defining a state of confusion that causes physical harm in a person.
We were all "lol"ing and "BFF" over at Gramp's house, and we had to call the paramedics when he had an Adurdsiap
by ShAnna August 21, 2012
A technique used to finger a girl. Done by making your fingers into a "gun" image.
Last night, I pulled the pistol pete on her, and she got wetter than a baby's day old diaper!
by Shanna April 14, 2005
kimmy is a backstabbing bizatch and it is a FACT!!!! if u dont think telling some girl to go shave their back and to go f*** themselves then she isnt evil but if u think that she is evil then it is a FACT! it just depends wut u consider EVIL!!!
kimmy is a back stabbing bitch bcuz she told me to go f*** myself and to have a happy easter!!!!
by shanna April 02, 2005
kimmy is a backstabbing bizatch and she knows it! she even admitted to it. Wut a bizatch!!!
kimmy is a bizatch cuz she told me to go f*** myself and have a happy easter!!!!
by shanna April 02, 2005
a sexy girl from the ghetto with a sexy body and a smart head on her
she's hott and get all the boyz
by shanna April 08, 2005
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