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Miyavi is the sometimes crazy, yet oh so adorable j-rocker. He was formerly of Due le Quartz, and now had branched out on his own. He currently has 2 full cd's out (gagaku, and galyuu), and a movie he stars in called "Oresama." He is also king of the sex kittehs, and taiga may not have him because I caught him first.
omg did you see Miyavi in that shoot he did for shoxx? OMG he was teh sex!!
by Shankie Bear January 17, 2005
better know to me as aohell. It's a horrible service which drags it's ass more than nerv does. It boots me every 2 hours on the mark, and gives me fun spywear to deal with all the time. It is also completly uncompatable w/ windows XP.. so they fight as if aohell is the dragons of earth and windows xp is the dragons of heaven. And during there fights my poor compy transcends into no gayden goku hell, and waits till the barrier falls or the dragon of earth is banished into the castle of uranus.
OMFG...my compys dying..stop it AOHELL! STOP!!
by Shankie Bear December 24, 2004
a wonderous place on the internet that supplies me w/ hours of laughfter, fears, joy, and so many other emotions I can't even describe. Also it's the only place online where you can find peeps dumb enough to pay $5 for a sailor moon tooth brush =_=
Prisitine: Oh what did ya get on ebay?
SB: A buncha nifty sailor moon toys I had been looking for! ^_^
Pristine: How much did ya end up paying?
SB: $5.00 for the auction and $200 for s+h
Prisitne: O.O......
by Shankie Bear December 24, 2004
An elusive bear, which dwells on the top of Mount Kaka with the monkey king. It is said to have equal powers of the monkey king, and rules in his place when he is off having yaoi adventures with his lover schazo baggins. The bear feast upon the apples from the castle of uranus, and can be quite the ferocious beast when woken from it's hibernation.
Don't you tochy the shankie bears toot toot
by Shankie Bear December 18, 2004
An eager lil slut puppy, who will just about anything you want them to as long as they get some. They have a tendency to finish far to early, and then you have to punish them severly. Thye also grate on your last never till you have to put them on iggy-ness.
Gawd subby stop touching yourself your gonna .....
by Shankie Bear December 24, 2004
A sanctimonious wench, who writes drivel novels in her spare time because she has no life. She lives in the native land of canadia, where the canucks run wild.
Oh my god, who let out the Savidana?
by Shankie Bear December 18, 2004
a womanly looking boy, who's purpose is nothing more than to annoy you top death
Dash is scrolling me to death!!!
by Shankie Bear December 18, 2004

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