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Just another way of saying "i only get laid when i pay for it" or my only girlfriend is samus and my hand
leetguy- I am soooo 1337'
Shanjay- You dont get laid very often
leetguy- i do to get la-
Shanjay- your hand doesnt count
Leetguy- no, i am very sad arent i?
Shanjay- Very now get away from me or i will have to kill you, and i dont want to get my new shoes dirty by having to stomp the hell/crap out of somew random leet speaking handlover
by Shanjay February 27, 2005
Its another for of entertainment. It is oftimes dismissed as fake and gay...by those who dont watch the show, just the little specials about how it is fake. Fake or not, it is a great form of entertainment in which men and women with brilliant athletic abilities and amazing drive and it is bullshit to say that they dont get hurt. Obviously, some of the stunts are false, especially the hammer hits and strikes, HOWEVER, it is quite hard to fake a polish hammer to the nose of big boot the head. As well, it gives great pointer on how to inflict some serious pain on anyone who you see fit.
~and yes, I do take pleasure in the pain of my enemies~
as a side note, for all of you homophobes and wrestling bashers, fight one of em, and see how easily you get snapped in half.
~yo, dog, i put that nigga in an ankle lock
~oh shnap, what happened?
~i popped that niggas foot off, that shit popped
~Damn, nigga, where'd you learn that shit?
~Smackdown, Kurt Angle did that shit.
~I thought that shit was fake
~Hell yeah, but shit, you learn how to do some REAL mean shit.
~So when's your court hearing
by Shanjay March 23, 2005
This isnt a weblog, i know, but i have to post this little thought:
Why do some women call all men chauvanistic sexists when that in itself is a sexist statement?
The main gripe about guys like myself who dont concern themselves with the "lower extremites" of the female body (I am not gay, just considerate) is that they are so goddam subtle in screwing with people (Some of our more devious sisters). Us guys, if we want revenge will mess your ass up by laying the SMACKDOWN right then an there, the devious sisters will set up a ten step plan to screw you up for years...
Shadow: Yep, i love females...however, some of them are kinda....
Shanjay: Bitchy? Yep, evil sisters really just mess up male/female relations worldwide

And yes, most guys are assholes
by Shanjay April 21, 2005

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