21 definitions by Shaniqua

a racist fag who used to be fat but got skinny and buff so insults everyone. has huge ears
no body likes him, he's just another delli.
by shaniqua October 06, 2003
Friends like AB, JD, LF, JH, LR get together and do pilates or go shopping or whatever girls do best!
EX: walking into abercrombie and fitch and say OMG look at that! and no we r not talking about the clothes$$
by Shaniqua November 18, 2003
A stupid boy
I can't believe I liked that ass clown!
by Shaniqua October 16, 2003
having imagainary sex in your dreams and waking up to find your toe in someones balls
tyler wakes up and finds that his toe is in jawads balls
by shaniqua July 23, 2004
Alyssa Foote
-"So, the other night I was on the phone talking to The Weakest Sauce Ever."
-"You mean Alyssa Foote?"
-"Yeah, Anyways..."
by Shaniqua January 23, 2003
girls that may not be good at much, but beat madeira in every sport
madeira girl 1: who do we play today?
madeira girl 2: foxcroft
madeira girl 1: oh no..we will lose...again
by shaniqua November 07, 2004
a female version of boy-george
dude... that girl is such a tia
by shaniqua June 02, 2004

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