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A fucking awsome band that kicks a monkeys ass that has dingle berries coming down from it!!!!!
by shaniqua July 27, 2003
1. To use multisyllabic words incorrectly without knowing their meaning.

2. To form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass.
After the image is acquired, the computer will automatically tessellate this area.
by Shaniqua December 09, 2004
one who deliberately interferes with sometones chance of getting laid
I was trying to get laid but mt friend erecticutionered me.
by shaniqua March 05, 2004
A Popular Advertising Slogan
"Nothing's quicker than a Big Black Penis"
by Shaniqua January 23, 2003
Shit that is in the crack of your ass that is fudge like.
shawna has fudge butt all the time, according to her man.
by Shaniqua February 05, 2005
generally referred to girls who live in co-ed residences at Dalhousie university, originally from Toronto. Their style includes: the LuLu Lemon pants with Uggs, 'looks like i just woke up' hair (but really worked on it all morning), clip directly on the top of the head, layers pulled over the gluteus maximus, parka jackets, louis vuitton purses (fake), and any other designer, in-fashion accessories. they suck.
kate: 'look at those girls from risley!'
jess: 'why do they come to shirreff and eat salad?'
amanda: 'they're so co-ed'
kate,jess,amanda: 'they're definitely co-ed girls!!!!"
by Shaniqua March 22, 2005
when you really gotta piss
by shaniqua June 06, 2003

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