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Juggalos are hard to find. Many people paint their faces, sport the axe and say that they are Juggalos, but it takes more than that. It takes someone to look at a person, not people. People are grouped so often, by stereotypes based on their race, where they live, what kind of music they listen to. TRUE juggalos look past all this shit and see each person for who they are. If you are a good person then true Juggalos will be cool with you, but if you are a douchebag who beats your wife, it doesnt matter what kind of music you listen to, what car you drive, you are a piece of shit. Actions are what true Juggalos base their opinions on, not stereotypes.

Juggalos also have clown love, and love for life in general. Other than that Juggalos basically just need to be fans of Psychopathic records.

Every Juggalo/ette walks his/her path. And true juggalo/ettes respect that every person needs to walk their own path. You lose their respect if you become a bad person.

Oh yeah....and us Juggalos still paint our faces and sport the axe every once in a while too. So i'll see all the Juggalos in Shangri-La while all these haters fry in the pit.

Clown Love everyone.
True Juggalos: Whats up man?
Imposter: Not much man, ima drink some faygo and go fuck those faggots over there up.
True Juggalo: Whatever. (goes to a party and has a wicked ass time chillin with his homies.)
by Shangri-La Prophet May 04, 2007

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