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A Sheldon Convention can refer to 1 of 2 things:

1. The meeting of millions of hot women to have sex with each other in front of Sheldon.


2. The meeting of millions of Sheldon's. Every Sheldon is repeating the phrase, "WOMAN, WHERE'S MA SAMICH?!?"

Note: Ma Samich = My Sandwich
1. This Sheldon Convention is awesome, look at all these women!

2. Man there are so many Sheldon's here, this must be a Sheldon Convention...WOMAN, WHERE'S MA SAMICH?!?
by ShaneMolloy August 10, 2008
A term which refers to a first time player of a game, or a player who relies on spraying to kill everyone else. Often has not used the terms "boomstick" or "I just PWNED you". N00bs are pwned by pros, and are known to become frustrated at times. Note that some players are only n00bs at certain games, and are not bad at every game.
Example 1
-playing Call Of Duty 4-
Jordan: Foley, what are you doing?
Foley: I'm spraying

Example 2
-playing Guitar Hero 3-
Shane: Time to pwn some n00bs on Through The Fire And Flames :)
Random dude: I LIKEZ GH3!
Shane: yeah I hope you "likez" TTFAF too
Random dude: OH NOZZZ!!
Shane: LOL n00b pwnage
by ShaneMolloy August 10, 2008
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