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5 definitions by ShaneH Fap

Term used for having sex
Last night i was wrecking guts with that girl.
by ShaneH Fap January 25, 2011
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A female who works a mans penis.
Lets go to the bar and find some meat grinders!
by ShaneH Fap February 01, 2011
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To fill a vagina with cum
I'm going to give that girl a snatch fill
by ShaneH Fap January 28, 2011
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When a girl goes down on u underwater
That girl was bobbing for apples in the hot tub on me last night.
by ShaneH Fap January 28, 2011
7 7
Snow on the road.
Roads are covered in road coke
by ShaneH Fap January 20, 2011
3 5