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A word that can be used as a replacement word.
Tonight were making Buffnuggle for dinner.
Buffnuggle and cheese.
Buffnuggle for President.
We Buffnuggled before we went to bed.
by Shane Thompson March 23, 2007
A cougar that goes both ways
I had a Threesome with Two Bicats
by Shane Thompson March 23, 2007
To have something taken away from you in an unfair or unjustified way.
Jim has Binfordized my best accounts from my sales account base.
by Shane Thompson April 03, 2007
A word that can describe anything you want it to be at any given time which is understood between two or more people.
A word that can be used as a replacement word for any word at any time.
A word used as a random word with multiple meanings.
He wanted her to Buffnuggle his cock, again and again.
While trying to park the car too close to the curb, he Buffnuggled the tire.
She Buffnuggled the Pot Roast.
by Shane Thompson March 20, 2007

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