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An older male who hits on or dates younger women.
(Male version of a Cougar)
Looks like Stacey hooked her self up with a Dingo.
by Shane Sellar September 22, 2005
The act of sensual love making
Last night I gave my lady friend the slow bang.
by Shane Sellar September 22, 2005
The Male Genitalia found between the legs
She slammed the car door on my P-Bit
by Shane Sellar September 22, 2005
An overweight, unhygienic or aggressive individual, who shuffles around shopping malls with their mouth open and a dazed look on their face. Feedbags can usually be seen wearing sweatpants, pyjama bottoms covered in stains or stretchy-pants that are way too small. Most times, Feedbags are accompanied by their screaming, and equally as filthy, offspring (Jr. Feedbags).
This Wal-mart is crawling with Feedbags.
by Shane Sellar July 21, 2008
Television series available on DVD.
I just picked up the TVD of Golden Girls season 1, yo!
by Shane Sellar February 05, 2009
A smell or stench reminiscent of country living.
Jeez, put on some deoderant you're starting to smell rural
by Shane Sellar September 22, 2005
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