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a person of surprising intellect who would rather invest time in the pursuit of knowledge rather than relationships

not to be confused with any of the following:

dork: someone lacking poise or social grace

geek: someone with extensive trivial knowledge, esp. that of science-fiction or fantasy

wimp: someone of extremely lacking strength and stamina

wuss: someone easily intimidated or subdued by fear

jerk: someone cruel and inconsiderate of others
Lucas, with his pocket protector and obsessive study habits, is a complete nerd.
by Shane Hart February 02, 2009
When one company uses another product's success to boost their own.
"If you like Coca-Cola, you'll love our soda!" They bunked off Coca-Cola.

"Think 'Sex and the City', but better!" They're bunking off Sex and the City.
by Shane Hart February 27, 2006

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