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Shwoging is when your boy or friend is holding out or is just plain lieing or being gay
yo you be shwoging the heck out of me
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
PoliceManhunt it is a game you play when you have at least 6 people at night time when you see a POLICE car you get his attention and for no reason you run away 10 out of 10 time the cop will chase you than you go run and hide keep getting getting his attion and running (you better be Quick)
"yo iam bored"
" yea me to yo theres a cop lets play PoliceManhunt (cops and robbers) run"
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
Brooker a brooker is the name you are called by the police in Honeybrook or the name used in a police report after a crime
Brooker put your hands behind your back
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
HB is the slang word for Honeybrook one of the most dangerous ghettos in the world
The HB is poppin today,Today in the HB there was another shooting
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
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