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I) A term used to describe a sophisticated, snobby, and prude person


II) People who are really good at dancing exactly like Michael Jackson.
I) That girl standing over there by the caviar is SUCH a Jhasmine

II) That girl standing there in the subway dancing is SUCH a Jhasmine
by Shanaynay18 July 17, 2009
I) A person who's pants are always too short so they must resort to wearing boots everyday
II) Someone who's torso is extremely short and is referred to as being a baby trapper
I) Goddammit Windermere, you've been wearing those boots for the past month! Are you an Embeee?

II) Holy shit you've got a short torso! You are the ultimate Embeee.
by Shanaynay18 November 15, 2009
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