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1 definition by Shanabobana =]

A paper that an IB student has 2 years to write, assigned by a useless class called TOK or theory of knowledge. It has a 4000 word limit and can be written on anything the student likes. After a year of stressing about CAS hours, the TOK essay, IB orals, and endless work, the student relizes the paper is due the next day and must bullsh** his way through a 4000 word paper that is not in the subject (such as psychology, Biology etc)they chose. The paper is usually submitted to turnitin.com and is 99% copied because of the numerous incidences of plagerism found in the paper. This paper MUST be accepted by IB or you will NOT recieve the diploma and you wasted 2 years of your life and gave up your soul and have become a living zombie and will eventually become a crackwhore.
1.Shana- Hey lynn, why did you cut school today

Lynn- Because the extended essay was due today

Jesse- Steph, wats up with Igor, I heard plucked out his own eye balls

Steph- His extended essay was rejected by IB
by Shanabobana =] March 16, 2007
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