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The tattoo one feels the need to show off in one's twitter profile pic.
RT if you like my Twittoo, I just got it this week.
by Shamus McCrary July 05, 2011
To redefine something through misinterpretation, to the end that all original meaning of what was said is completely lost.
I told her I was going through the back door, and she misinterprefined it into a proposition for anal sex.
by Shamus McCrary January 08, 2012
A sexual encounter outside of the established relationship.
She found out about all his side bangs so they won't be together much longer.
by Shamus McCrary June 24, 2011
Surfing for information about a specific person in a snooping manner on the internet. Often from google to wikipedia to facebook, or any combination of other sites.
I know my ex is snurfing me because she shows up in my facebook top 10 all the time.
by Shamus McCrary May 17, 2011
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