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A schoolyard game occasionally practiced by inebriated or simply bored adults.

The object of the game is to swing your arm out in the motion of a swaying elephant's trunk and make sharp contact with the opponent's genitals. Only males can be targets for the game, making female participation undesirable as revenge attacks ar impossible.

The hand must be kept open, with fingers outstretched. Fists are considered bad form and can result in punishment of the offending party by stacks on or simple punching.

Extra status is awarded to those who achieve particularly difficult shots, such as hitting the very tip of the penis with the very tip of the fingers (which causes an uncommonly sharp pain).
Burgo's arm swung out like the trunk of a rampaging bull elephant. It was a blur, almost too fast for the human eye to see. Justin crumpled as the shock spread with lightning speed from his testicles throughout his entire body. All men within eyesight guarded their genitals and winced in sympathy.

This was the power of the Elephant. No man was safe from it's fury.
by Shampyon November 18, 2006

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