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I don't like this woman...her sculpted face (crafted by the best of surgeon) gleams evil through her perfect teeth. Whoever sees her as a mother figure or such an entity probably will grow up to murder people. Seriosly twisted evil nasty cow! I hate her voice- like a million screechy evil ants crawling out of her evil remastered vocal chords. She was so nasty to stever out of x factor even though she is devoid of talent. I hope for her mean ways- each of her fluffy dogs chews out her implants and then chokes.
"here comes the wicked witch...which old witch the wicked witch"
by Shamona January 05, 2005
rather funky young lady who is pretty cool in what she does. her new album slightly overated- the songs are pretty mediocre apart from a few which are good. No Doubt songs better tho.
She likes the chinese a lot but i think shes kinda overdoing it now.
also...She can't sing very well live can she. that wasn't a question.
"you got that wicked style"
by Shamona January 05, 2005
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