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1. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey.
2. (interjection) A way to praise a Turk on his nationalism or citizenship, especially accompanied by patting him on the back (like "atta boy!").
A: Can you be a good Turk and tell me the capital of your country?
B: Ankara.
A: Ataturk!
by Shamis43214 April 24, 2007
A person who pays attention to the Dow Jones Industrial Average with a religious obsessiveness.
I have a bookmark to the Dow Jones on my browser toolbar, and I seem to check the Dow every fifteen minutes. I think I've become a Dowist!
by Shamis43214 May 29, 2010
An expression inviting one to accept that circumstances are ultimately unchangeable.
A: C'est la vie...
B: (silence)
A: Well?
B: What?
A: C'est la vie!
B: Uh...La vie?
A: Thank you! Was that so hard to say?
by Shamis43214 March 22, 2008
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