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An imaginary friend/special name of indearment towards someone.
Boy:Oh you shambodo you.
Mom:Tommy who are you talkin to?
Boy:No one, cough-red rum,red rum-cough.
by Shambodo June 18, 2005
A word used to say that something is extremely screwed up up or in a disaray.
Whoa! That kids face is krocknokin!
Fo sho, ur right!
His names Ben Asbury.
by Shambodo June 18, 2005
A word used to describe the movement made when in the process of humping or banging. Can be used as a verb.
Dude:Oooh, you are hot! I just want to faching you all night!
Girl:I know.
by Shambodo June 18, 2005
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