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noun: Diarrhea or dysentery contracted from eating Indian (i.e., from India) food. Also Karachi crouch.
In Mexico it is known as a bout of Montezuma's revenge, in India a case of Delhi belly. But whatever it is called, it is common.
by Shambly Hermit January 23, 2005
Enthusiastic photo-taking users of the Flickr photo-sharing service, who descend without warning upon unsuspecting Ludicorp developers and other Flickrati for the purpose of taking candid photographs.
What? You haven't taught the bouncer how to deal with Flickrazzi?!!
by Shambly Hermit January 21, 2005
noun: Diarrhoea or dysentry contracted by inflicting spicy Pakistani or Indian food upon an unconditioned constitution.
See: Delhi belly, Montezuma's revenge, The Sepia Mutiny, Traveller's Trots
Montezuma’s revenge and Karachi crouch, just two of the more publishable synonyms for traveller’s diarrhoea, is an almost universal experience for those travelling to more exotic parts of the world.
by Shambly Hermit January 23, 2005
Highly fashionable users of the Flickr photo-sharing service; the smart set of Flickr users; users well versed in the technology and culture of Flickr.
I love the flickrati!

But since the T.O.U. themselves can be pretty much bent to the will of the flickrati when and as they see fit, it's a small point.
by Shambly Hermit January 21, 2005
Diarrhoea, dysentry inflicted upon the gora sahib's (White master) constitution by vengeful and spicy Indian food presumably because he failed to show adequate appreciation for the khansama's (cook) skills or caused offense in some other manner.
Afflicted with a bad case of the Speia Mutiny, John Bull struggled to maintain his composure as he hunted desperately for the nearest Western potty.
by Shambly Hermit January 23, 2005

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