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the killing of the cultural creative communities when an environment becomes so infiltrated by the super rich that there is no more people with soft -hearted easy- going ways who can afford to live in the region. The region is then peopled by fast moving unhappy individuals driving their luxury cars with anger and attitude.
Marin County has suffered from gentrocide.
by Shakti Shen May 15, 2006
a feminine perspective of language as opposed to the male dominated dic(k)tionary
a woman can speak her mother tounge in words that are difined by the yoniary
by Shakti Shen May 15, 2006
the yoniverse is my greatest teacher.
May I touch your yoniverse? (Yoni is the physical aspect of the yoniverse)
by Shakti Shen May 15, 2006
sacred name for the male genitals.
I'm going to love you with my wand of light
by Shakti Shen May 17, 2006
a woman's (feminine) way of manifesting.
I femefested my new house with a lot of visualizations, community support, and dedicating my orgasms, so that now I have my dream come true home
by shakti Shen June 02, 2006

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