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The child of Edward and Bella Cullen for the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Her entire existence is a lengthy plot hole in the series. She is described as adorable, but we all know that she is a creep. She grows extraordinarily quickly because we would never want a child to detract from Edward and Bella's all night sex. This also means that she will be fully grown after seven years and that her predetermined love of her life, Jacob Black (who previously wanted to sex up Renesmee's mother and murder her father), will be able sex her up. Renesmee also has the nickname Nessie because Jacob realized that Bella needed a new naming book. (And Nessie is soooo much better.)
Rabid Fangirl: Jacob is not a pedophile because Stephenie Meyer said so! Yeah!

Rabid Fangirl: Renesmee is sooooooo adorable!!111one!11
Me: *chokes to death on vomit*

The Loch Ness Monster is not pleased.
by Shakespeare92 September 01, 2008

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