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The best fucking candy and the only fucking candy you will ever need in a movie theater, buy some at target before you go in or you'll pay about sixteen grand for them.
"Let me in on those sour patch kids man."
by Shakes March 22, 2005
-The area where there's just all hair and asscrack.

-Also used to compare a flaming person with a large supply of feggi on hand.
omg, Jimmy walked into celebrities so fast... his hoopstash is gonna be ringing tonight boyee!
by shakes November 16, 2004
being in posession of unstoppable ghey powers
guy1:oh shilt
guy1:uber 80's feggi in my earphones
guy1:Take on ME - A-Ha
guy2:should be - Jiz on me, cause they so feggi
by shakes November 10, 2004

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