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Similar to the Napoleon complex. A nerd complex is defined as the less attractive the nerd is to the opposite sex, the higher opinion the nerd holds of itself as to their capabilities in nerd culture (programming, compiling, quoting star wars, being good at video games, understanding science and technology).

The uglier or fatter the nerd, the more intelligent they insist they must be, in order to compensate for the fact that they are un-fuckable. Unable to face the fact that there is no direct correlation between ugly and genius and they are no more capable than a handsome nerd.

"There must be a reason why I'm like this"
"I'm absolutely disgusting and girls will never touch me, that's because god made me a super genius, the likes of Linus Torvalds or Stephen Hawking."

"Wow that guy's got a serious nerd complex, I write better code than this dork but girls still tug on my hammer here and there."
by shake December 21, 2013
A period of time in schools that require a dress code of dress shirts year-round (and sweaters from October to May.) When the sweaters are no longer required and students don't need to have them on for the rest of the year, pockets are newly exposed. It becomes a contest of who can rip off the most shirt pockets, usually from underclassmen, with the goal being to make a shirt out of just the pockets. It lasts anywhere from a week to two weeks.
Dude #1: Hey look over there!

<Rips pocket off of Dude #2>

Dude #2: ...

Dude #1: Its pocket season, bitch!
by Shake May 01, 2006
1. A vagina with a clitoris the shape of a penis head.

2. A vagina with a penis hanging down inside of it.
That loser has a pagina.
by Shake May 01, 2006

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