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-A common swear word created January 20, 2001 to describe a bad feeling or action.
- Also Known a Bush'n, bushary, busher, bushing or, George Fucking Bush.
*George Bush*
"-Man..did you see that bush'n busher?
-Yeah that jerk was full of bushary.
-George Fucking Bush!
-I just Bushing cut my Bushing finger!
-Aww man that's total Bushary!"
by Shaka brah March 24, 2008
A pointless ass machine usually found in pointless ass wars by a dumb ass president who thought that a war in Iraq would be a good ass idea.

Often believed to get 4-10 MPG.

An Annoying ass machine that takes up half the road, uses way too much oil and spits out more fumes than aunt Helga with a cigar.
- Damnit!
- What?
-we just got behind one of those dumb ass hummers again! Damnit!
-I can't pass it because half the road is being used up. DAMNIT!
- I'm suffocating on the fumes its giving out. DAMNIT!!!!
-We can't stop for gas because it's not 100 dollars a barrel and means that I'll have to pay 4 dollars per gallon of gas! DAMNIT ALL!

by Shaka brah March 24, 2008

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