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the greatest drink ever made. has 14 different flavors, but I think original is the best. when i first tried it I thought it was nasty, but then I tried a few more sips and now I'm addicted.
rockstar is the greatest drink ever made, PERIOD.
by ShaggyStarnz June 22, 2010
first off, I'm not a juggalo. my name may lead you to believe that but really people just call me Shaggy because of my hair. also, I'm writing this definition because of all the bad definitions on here with everyone being mean to juggalos. hey, I may not be one but I do respect them. anyways, faygo is a pretty decent soda that is very cheap. it originated in Detroit, MI. it's associated with ICP and the juggalos. by the way, ICP_sux, how would you know what semen taste like anyways?
faygo is good, but not as good as rockstar.
by ShaggyStarnz June 22, 2010
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