33 definitions by Shaggy

n. adj. "sup"

1. Short for "what's up"
sup, josh, how you doin?
by shaggy March 03, 2005
when a girl puts your dick so far in her mouth she chokes...but not to death.
"dude, last night this girl gave me a choker!"
by Shaggy March 09, 2005
A group of gossiping women who all seem to be talking simultaniously. Some members of the discussion bearly stop to breathe between sentences.
Chattering like a group of chickens.
by shaggy August 01, 2003
penis without the p.
used to insult somebody.
hey you are the most annoying enis in the world
by shaggy January 12, 2006
- excessively spicy
Damn, this food is NAFTA.

Hey sugar, you looking NAFTA.
by Shaggy November 05, 2003
A person who likes the penis, a homosexual
'you scrawny bacon boy'
, 'you would like my cock wouldn't you bacon boy'
by Shaggy February 18, 2005
The grabbing of both of a female's breasts or ass cheeks at the same time.
I just gave Lizzy a double whammy!
by Shaggy January 01, 2004

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