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A sexual manuever, in which, a male driving a car is receiving a blowjob from his femal companion in the passenger seat. Upon feeling that he is about to come, the man must grab his warm cigarette lighter and burn the back of the females neck. He must then pull out quickly before she clamps down with her teeth and blow into her mouth. This will give the girl the three primary symptoms of rabies: frothing mouth, lock jaw, and angry growling noises.
Dude one-"Hey man how come you and your girlfriend broke up?"

Dude two- "I dont know man, she is all pissed off cause yesterday when she was giving me road head I gave her a Montana Rabies Shot."

Dude one-"What a cry baby bitch dude."
#montana #rabies #shot #road-head #montana beartrap
by Shagginz April 28, 2011
Same as the montana rabies shot, except for the end result. While getting road head, the man burns the back of his female companions neck with a cigarette lighter, but is not able to get his dick out of her mouth in time, causing the female to clamp down and bite off his dick.
Dude-"Can you help me doc?"

Doctor-" I am not sure, this is one of the most severe Montana Bear Trap Ive ever seen. We can attempt to sew the penis back on, do you have whats left of it?"

Dude-"No, she spat it out the window."
#montana #bear #trap #montana rabies shot #road-head
by Shagginz April 28, 2011
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