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1. To "take the magic bus" is the act of getting VERY high. Usually referring to marijuana but can be used in other contexts

2. The name of a Bong held dear to ones heart that is used on a regular basis
dude, lets go over to my house and take the magic bus
by Shaftasm September 07, 2008
to have an extended period of constant, amazing, raveage
i cant wait to go to that club tonight, its gunna be an all night raveathon
by Shaftasm September 07, 2008
to rave
last night was some serious raveage
by shaftasm September 07, 2008
to be drunk to the point of vomiting, passing out, or being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Literally Fucking Drunk
Did you see Johnny last night? he was so frunk he threw up everywhere!
by Shaftasm September 06, 2008

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