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5 definitions by Shaffy24

Simultaneous foot jobs whilst two people sit across from each other. A mutual massage with the feet.
Some dudes on the interwebs are into that double foot fuck. Eww.
by Shaffy24 October 30, 2011
Anything that leads that wonderful post orgasm moment. Ahh
He had a wicked case of blue balls and needed some good junk waxing.
by Shaffy24 October 30, 2011
Simultaneous foot jobs with two people sitting across from each other. Just a little dance around the pants, no penetration!
They were rocking the two toe hold under the table at a restaurant! It was gross, but daring!
by Shaffy24 October 30, 2011
Two guys sitting across from each other who simultaneously massage each other's balls with their feet and toes. Yup. The ol' double foot fuck.
It looked like he was just watching a movie with his boyfriend on the couch, but I'm pretty sure they're ball-buffing bunion-buddies.
by Shaffy24 October 30, 2011
Two lovers intertwined in a little erotic massaging toe action at the same time. A little toe tickle south of the border with the partners facing one another.

My roommate was in a sloppy toe hold when I came home early. Damn.
by Shaffy24 October 29, 2011