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3 definitions by Shady51

A majority of the people at this site, who like to type in dirty definitions.
Also see loser.
by Shady51 March 23, 2004
Suspenders that have the colors of the rainbow.
Homer: "So, how 'bout those rainbow suspenders, huh? Pretty cool way to keep your pants up, eh?"
by Shady51 March 23, 2004
1. Slang for 'your mother'.
2. A lazy way to type 'your mom!'.
3. A trademarked phrase by Shady51.
Teh Spoon: So, Shady, what'd you do yesterday?
Shady: Yer mom!™ Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!
Teh Spoon: *sobs*
Shady: You do that.
by Shady51 March 09, 2004