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The half-smiling expression people wear when gazing at pictures on their computer screens. Often accompanied by a slightly tilted head. Also known as "MySpace Face."
Hey, check out that girl over there at the laptop. What's she smiling about?

That's facebook face. She's checking out pictures from last night's party.

by Shadwell February 13, 2009
A Yiddish word that means, literally, to wish someone well, to delight in someone else's delight. It's the opposite of envy and schaudenfreude.
Moe: Hey, did you hear the news? Curly got a perfect score on his SAT and he didn't even study!

Larry: That stinks. I studied for weeks and I still bombed.

Moe: You mean you're not happy for him? Where's your sense of farginen?
by Shadwell December 09, 2009

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