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The kind of electricity that can only be distributed by Ash's Pikachu, like in the very first episode when Pikachu destroyed those Spearow with a Thunder attack.
Holy shit James, did you see the Epictricity from the twerp's Pikachu? We can't get ahold of that, Giovanni can piss off.
by Shadowinchester June 13, 2010
When you have the shits so bad and you almost can't take the runny, burning liquid; you begin to dig your toenails into the floor, to prevent yourself from screaming in pain. Usually accompanied with a terrible smell and loss of digestive and colon tract.
Dude, Jenna, did you hear?" "No, what is is, Marissa?" "Steven was in the bathroom for almost an hour." "Oh wow, he had toenail diarrhea again, he needs to stop eating that damn Mexican food.
by Shadowinchester September 19, 2010

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