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Can be a really fun game to play, if you have people willing to...Is played much like regular karaoke except with only country songs...Also by mentioning it, can be a really fun way to upset your country music hating 'so-called' friends....
Ex. 1
While trick-or-treating Halloween night....
Girl1) "Guys I'm bored...I know why don't we play country karaoke?! One of you name a country song and I'll try to sing as much of it as I can!"
Other5GirlsInUnison) "NO!!!"

Ex. 2
In Math Class.....
Girl2) "Nom, nom, nom" and other incomprehensible words..
Girl1+2) Burst into laughter as everyone turns and stares...
Girl1) talking to 2 "You have to admit that was worse than country karaoke!"

Girl2)"No, just..no. NOTHING is worse than country karaoke.."
by Shadow_Casters' Friend November 04, 2010
Apparently from the book 'Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness' by Bryan Lee O'Malley..... Meaning is unsure of though we think it can be used as a means of intimidation.....
Started being said because it was thought that it was funny, BUT IT'S NOT!!! ok maybe just a little......
Girl1)Now ur walking faster?
Girl2)Well i would but he's in my way!
Boy)Is that some kind of fat joke?
Girl2)Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday!(as she and girl1 walk away)
Girl1)OMG that was sooo stupid!
by Shadow_Casters' Friend October 19, 2010
Someone who came be very nice at times who a few people like(and or worship) and can be mean and sometimes outright aggressive at others. very short, hence 'midget'. Can also be referred to as the spazz, a miny Hitler, or that really short/ aggressive person.
Girl1:Hey, aare you still having that sleep-over tomorrow night?
Girl1:Who else is invited?
Girl2: Not midget hitler thats for sure, I like my house in one piece, thank-you!
by Shadow_Casters' Friend May 25, 2010
Dirp~ a word that means every insult/curse word know to man(or woman). A great word to use while in school or around adults because they are oblivious to it's true meaning.
"Dirp off you dirping dirp!"
"Go dirp yourself!"
"You're such a dirp!"
"Dirp you!"
"Dirp it!"
by Shadow_Casters' Friend April 28, 2011
because said is dead, the phrase 'that's what she said' became "that's what she stated". yes its kinda stupid but really funny to say after someone says, "thats what she said."
Guy1"hey dude, i like your shirt"
Guy2"that's what she said"
Girl"That's what she stated!"
by Shadow_Casters' Friend May 26, 2010
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