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This is a combination of the two words Problem and Bother!
I was doing an interview and when the interviewer said "thanks guys" my friend said "No problem". So i went to say no problem but then the word bother came across my mind so i said..."No Probother"
"Thats no probother"
"Now thats going to be a probother"
by ShadowBramby February 20, 2009
Presobe is a cross of the terms presume and suppose!
The 'b' acts as a mutual difference between the two which creates a mutual hatred of the letter, thus causing the two to connect in unhappiness and to form a new word of confusing nature!
I created this word during the formation of a sentence which involved the saying of the word "hi" to someone I didnt want to talk to! I had jumbled the words and formed this awesome singular.
"I presobe we could go over and say hi"
"I presobe that wouldn't be an awful idea"
by ShadowBramby February 20, 2009

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