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A Jumbo Jack is the most popular burger coming out of Jack In the Box. It is a piece of hamburger meat with some bread, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and onions.
"Hey, mother. I brought you a Jumbo Jack."
"They decided to be funny again and leave out the meat.."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005
A way of saying "bless you" or that you need to sneeze. Created by people making fun of the words created by Snoop Dog. However, it became slightly popular after awhile.


"I so need to fo'sneezy, it's ain't funny, dog."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005
For Real.

A term linked off the type of slang used by Snoop Dog. It is used either when someone is trying to be a smart ass or trying to be cool or just joking around.

Can be used either in conversation or out of expression of shock.
"You really just bought that new car?"
"Fo'rizzle, Man! It was the best deal out there!"


"Babe.. I'm pregnant.."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005
French Fries

After the attack of 9/11, Americans felt the need they needed to rename the French Fries to something more american-like. So they decided to rename them to Liberty Fries.
"Hey! I just got back from Jack In the Box."
"Really? Did you bring me anything?"
"I got you a Jumbo Jack with some Liberty Fries."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005

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