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2 definitions by Shadow DelaSangre

The area in an enemy's area or compound that must be infiltrated in order for victory to be achieved.

Derived from the book ender's game, where passing through the enemy's gate was the official victory ritual. Ender taught his army to orient themselves so that the enemy's gate was down.
1) Head over to the enemy's gate and capture their flag.
2) Remember, the enemy's gate is down.
by Shadow DelaSangre March 05, 2007
Someone who retells the life of a deceased person. A Speaker for the Dead tells the story in all truth, holding back neither good nor bad, so that the deceased may be better understood.

The title derived from the book ender's game, where Ender tells the story of the Formics after killing off all but one of them in a short story book titled, "The Hive Queen," and later the story of his brother in the another short story book titled, "The Hegemon." Both story's were signed with the pen name 'Speaker for the Dead,' so no one was aware of the original author.
Thanks to the Speaker for the Dead, I realized my dead father was not such a bad man after all, just struggling to make ends meet.
by Shadow DelaSangre March 05, 2007