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1. Gnaw is wang backwards.

2.Gnaw is a way to say that was completly useless.

3.Gnaw is a way to express not wanting to do something

4.Gnaw is a form of acknoledgement.

2."Hey i like cheese""tch, ur gnaw"

3" honey go clean up the garage. please" "GNAW! im too tired, I will do it tommorow."

4." hey man you want to go to the halo tournament?" " GNAW!. Why wouldn't I"
by Shadow A Myers March 13, 2005
MYR! is a synonym for the more common word. Yes.
Dude 1: Hey man, you finish your homework?

dude1: MYR!
by Shadow A Myers March 03, 2005
although sounding sexual it really meens no.
dude1: are you going to school tomorow?
dude2: FINGERDID! I'm skipping.
by Shadow A Myers March 03, 2005
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