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blogcasting, using the Internet to streamaudio or video to distribute information, entertainment, and deep personal thoughts with little or no financial investment.
She got tired of writing a blog and decided to become a radio dj on the Internet through blogcasting.
by ShadeyHillRanch February 27, 2011
An adjective to describe another adjective, first heard used by Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco following his teams win, mistaken for another F word not allowed on broadcast television.
"This is flaccking awesome," he shouted to a teammate after winning the big game.
by ShadeyHillRanch February 04, 2013
a person who works at a fast-food burger restaurant
Kenny told Ronnie that his dream job is to be a burgerista at Mickey D's so that one day he could become a Starbucks barista.
by ShadeyHillRanch June 21, 2014
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