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5 definitions by Shades of Grey

Someone that is obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies and all other things related to the Harry Potter universe. Usually they are people who read and or write HP fanfiction. Their obsession is so great that it may be seen as an adiction.
I'm such a Harry Pothead! I check every hour to see if (HP fanauthor) has updated his HP fanfics yet!
by Shades of Grey June 02, 2005
328 112
noun: (shore-mm)

Someone who is more than your friend or family. Someone who could hold a knife to your throat or a gun to your head without causing you the slightest worry. Someone you'd die for and even kill for, but who would do anything in their power to keep you from having to do so.
I was showing Laura one of my swords and without warning swung it at her neck stopping half an inch away, yet she didn't so much as flinch. Laura is my shorm.
by Shades of Grey June 02, 2005
30 7
to put one's ear against another's torso and listen to the sounds inside, such as heart beats or growling stomachs.
Stacy likes vouping Bill after sex.
by Shades of Grey June 02, 2005
23 5
A situation which becomes a feedback loop, always returning to the point at which it started.
Person #1: "So, whadd'ya wanna do?"

Person #2: "I dunno, whadda YOU wanna do?"

Person #1: "I dunno..."


Person #2: "So... whadda'ya wanna do?"
and so on... this is a very simplistic example.
by Shades of Grey June 02, 2005
19 3
1. (serious usage) used to describe someone that is observant, it means to see through, or see clearly. Someone who is descibed as perspicacious understands what they observe and usually sees through the lies and facades that others use to hide behind.
2. (common usage) Generally this word is used when one wishes to sound like a know-it-all, or used sarcastically to describe someone who acts like a know-it-all.

Common words used with this: Pompous windbag
1. "I tried to tell Tom that I just wanted to be friends, but he knew I thought he was an ass... he's so perspicacious." -Julia
2. "Wow... Tom knew JUST what Julia meant, didn't he? He's pretty perspicacious, isn't he? .......the dumbass, pompous windbag." -Julia's angry friend
by Shades of Grey November 07, 2005
36 27