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a flash light strapped to the shaft of your cock (shlong, penis, 3rd leg, banger etc) for finding your way in the dark during the night if and when you wake up with your tent pichted, aka mornin glory.. to be used on turgid tadgers, brickers and pingers if you prefer the hands free version, if not then flacid will do also with the hands on approach.

"DAMN IT!.. need a piss! and the electric has run out!!.. time to dawn the miners helmet and seeing as I have a pinger, I shall be opting for the hands free approach"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk November 27, 2011
the act of tonguing fuck out of someones arse crevice (unshaven) either before of after one has been for a ringpiece poo painted doup destroying brown number whilst using your stubbly chin to tickle ones bean, back and fourth like a man on a mission.. making you out to be some kind of mega mad mental mechanical man machine!!


girl - "where tho?.. Ive got a gungy doup and you need a shave"

guy - "AND!!!!"

by ShadeMade aka G-Funk December 24, 2011
when a guy tucks his pinger between his legs and GOES LIKE FUCK!!, pretending he is in a boat holding the rudder running round ballock naked making speedboat noises

"I feel like a break from the normal chug this evening, time to tuck this bursting bricker between these legs and motorboat my badself until the cows come home :-)"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk November 30, 2011
1). the act of twanging your flinching pinger with your middle finger as if you were pinging some ones lug

"haha quality I have a pinger! how random!.. am well away to twang this bad boy :-)"

2). drawing a shlong on a note pad with the banger becoming more and more erect with every flick of a page...

"aaaaah nothing like a nice refreshing pint after work eh... here! pass me that note pad mate... ok, but why?... because I have worked hard today and I want to draw several penis`s on paper OK! with the 1st page harbouring a sketch of a flacid love lance, centre page will show a semi and the last page having a full blown, full on throbbing turgid pinger"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk November 29, 2011
When you are stood ballock naked with your hands on your hips and flinching your pinger by using your member muscle giving the effect of either being tugged by a string or simply just done by pure magic

"WOW!, holy shit man!.. do that again!."

what?.. flinch my pinger?

"YEH MAN!.. Do it again, that was cool as fuck (waves his hand over the pinger, a willy wave) theres not even any strings attatched.. how the fuck do you manage that one?"

... MAGIC MATE!! ;-)

"too fuckin rite its magic!!"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk December 17, 2011
the white slimy goo that is oozed from the throbbing purple bellend flinching solid pulsating member (or prick stick) originating from the male clanger sack being spurted all over the area between the female cunt cave and anal cavity and being left to dry like glue..

"oh look hun!.. art attack is on tv!.. they`ve just erected a tower made from animal skin and pva glue... well lets try it ourselves shall we :-).. here`s one I erected earlier ;-) made of foreskin and gonad glue!"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk November 28, 2011
1. The act of grabbing your bursting bricker as if u were holding a spade and then digging out a hole.. use your imagination if you can :-)

"hi ho, hi ho its off to work I go.. with a hole thats made for my mega man spade.. Hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho"

2. When someone tries to get to you by means of a cheap dig, by sayin something which is a blatant verbal stab in your direction but done in such a way where its not too obvious as to get them a bang in the face, usually the actions of someone uncomfortable in there own skin and the bringing down of others is a way of making themselves feel good about themselves aka a "mental bully".. not a physical bully, due to them being well.. a pussy, giving you a "pussy dig"

"what was that mate?.. oh right I understand.. you`re a total fuckin pussy and not man enough to say things face to face.. its cool, just you keep pussy diggin ya sap"
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk December 11, 2011

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