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The act of tea bagging a male or female and then finishing them off by initiating a steady stream of urine into their mouth. The urine is then ingested. This act is more prevalent in the male homosexual community.

A Golden Teapot can be with cream or without. (ejaculating first into the mouth or after.)
You - Hey Uncle Jacob, I'm kinda thirsty, Golden Teapot?

Jacob - Well your dad is still working the fields, and this coffee is going right through me, I could probably brew a quick pot for you real quick-like. Make your face my toilet seat.

You - Thanks Uncle! You're the best!
by Shad0wStalk3r March 19, 2013
The act of Instantly locking your vision on breasts that just came into view.

Sometimes occuring when in the middle of a conversation the girl lifts up a first layer shirt revealing a cleavagy shirt underneath and expects you not to look.

Girls will often call you out on it even though they do it on purpose.
I was in the middle of talking, and you totally b lined when you saw my bikini top that I was revealing in front of you. Perv.
by Shad0wStalk3r July 21, 2006

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