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Similar to stalker or creeper, but with a ghetto twist.

Someone who stalks or creeps on other people, usually because he or she doesn't have much of a life.
Ilana just creeps on people on Facebook all day, she is such a Stalkah!
by Shabbos Buddy October 26, 2009
Some who you hang out with on SHABBOS. Usually they have to live in your neighborhood and go to your shul. So you can be all relig together.
She won't be my Shabbos buddy because I asked her to call me on Saturday.
by Shabbos Buddy October 25, 2009
Someone who says or does something especially foolish or annoying. Synonymous with moronski.
"Ahh, Shayna, I'm so sorry. But I can't help you pick out your outfit for this weekend."
"Ugh, you're a shlimo."
by Shabbos Buddy November 05, 2009
What moronic people mistake for HP = Harry Potter.
George: Oh, look. It's Betty's birthday. I'm going to write on her Facebook wall hb!
Marilyn: Harry Potter?!?!
by Shabbos Buddy April 09, 2010
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