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Cool, especially in a Jewish way.

(Traditionally means a Jewish house of prayer, see other entry.)
Hey, did you meet the new gabbai? His waterproof tefillin case is pretty shul!

These bagels don't have a hashgacha (kosher certification), but my rabbi says they are totally shul.

My professor says that I can't get an extension because of Rosh HaShanah. That's so not shul!
by ShabbatMendy April 13, 2009
A greeting exchanged on the Jewish Sabbath (or any other day of the week).
One party to the greeting exclaims "Shabbat fistbump!" and pounds the other person's fist.

An energizing upgrade from the traditional Shabbat handshake.
Person 1: Shabbat shalom (peaceful Sabbath) my friend, how was your week? (extends hand)
Person 2: Shabbat fistbump, dude!!! (extends closed fist)
Person 1: (pounds it) That was so much more fulfilling than a regular handshake.
by ShabbatMendy October 30, 2009

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