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A new and more swank way of saying "word" i.e. "word homie"
"dude that is a sweet new whip." "Befro"
by sh9est danke hombre October 12, 2009
a combination of "epic" and the German "tag" (day), to create "epic day" This is a drinking holiday for college students who need to celebrate a day of mass epicatunity. pronounced epitahg.
"Dude, get some tequila and carona, we are going to Mexico for epitag." "Befro homie, lets take my whip to the store for supplies."
by Sh9est Danke Hombre February 24, 2010
Now deemed to replace legit, for it has been far too drastically overused. Not to mention it sounds WAY more wicked swank.
J-"So I got nothing but big bills how bout I front the full check and you just pay me back your bit?"
G-"Yeah bromie, that sounds constitutional."
by Sh9est Danke Hombre August 23, 2010

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