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A self-absorbed, vile, cum-chugging evil bitch who is particularly unphased by being called a "cunt." (See definition for fluffer.) The term fluffer-cunt is more degrading and insulting because it implies that not only is the woman a complete dumpster fire vile-vag whorebag, but apparently she is only useful for preparing someone else to get laid.
The boss is out of the office again? Well when that fluffer-cunt gets back, tell her I quit!
by SgtWrecker September 23, 2010
Killing someone is not murder, it's just a very late abortion. In many cases, it's a LONG overdue abortion.
I swear to God, if your friend says one more word about Sarah Palin, I'm gonna give his mom a late life abortion!
by SgtWrecker October 30, 2010
A reference to the US Air Force (see Chair Force), usually referred to by special operations personnel, and other service components in a derogatory manner because of the lack of support from "conventional" Air Force elements.
They wouldn't let you in the chow hall because you weren't wearing a reflective belt? Fuck Big Blue!
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
The result of careless bunker love. When deployed US military girls (see deployment pussy) get stupid and careless about how many guys they fuck, they often get sent home for getting knocked up. After returning home in shame, everyone eventually learns it's another bunker baby.
Isn't that the chick that got sent home from Afghanistan for making bunker babies?
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
This is a term commonly used in military circles. In a deployed environment, it's when two (or more) people sneak into a concrete bunker to fuck. Since privacy is nearly impossible to find, the only safe place to smash is in the closest bunker. Also, may be referred to as bunker lovin'.
That guy from the motor pool just got back from getting some bunker love. That's the 4th time this week!
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
The motherland of all whores. The state on the West Coast where sluts & whores (and retired/former sluts & whores) are from. California girls are all whores.
Katy Perry's song is so annoying! Caliwhornia girls are all just cum guzzling fluffer-cunts.
by SgtWrecker October 30, 2010
(Noun.) The stinky wrinkle located on the top of a pug's snout (or any other wrinkle-faced dog). Known for being exceptionally repugnant and putrid in the strength of the odor being emitted.
OH.MY.GOD! Get this dog away from my face... his strinkle makes me want to puke!
by SgtWrecker November 02, 2010
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