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2 definitions by Sgt. Willy McCoy

Someone who kills people with an ax.
SGT. WILLY McCOY: Leroy, did you ax Jeeves?

LEROY BROWN: Yeah, I aksed him.

S.W.M.: Why did you do that?

L.B.: I wanted to know why my wife would cheat on me, that's why!

S.W.M.: I've heard enough boys. Sounds like we have the ax murderer alright.

L.B.: Whachoo talkin' about Willys?

S.W.M.: Lock him up!

by Sgt. Willy McCoy December 24, 2006
When a chick (or dude) gives you a wild Bill (blow job), and then hiccups causing a bubble cum to emerge from their mouth.
GEORGE W.: I asked Monica Lewinsky to give me a wild Bill in the Limousine. After she swallowed my cum, she did a wild Bill hiccup. Hell, I thought the airbags had deployed!
by Sgt. Willy McCoy December 24, 2006