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Goth, Industrial, Cruella Deville-esque, Wide mouthed, full lipped, dark haired, pale skinned porn star. Big hair, small tits, Mega whore.
Oh my doG, I think Gina Gershon and Amy Winehouse morphed into on mega-whore! I'm not sure what it is, but I think we should call it Roxy Deville! Quick, let's jump in and see what we can find!
by Sgt. Synonym July 28, 2008
a.) He who gobble's the cock.

b.)Consuming any chicken automatically makes one a gobbler of the cock, therefore must be called out whenever caught.
a.) Dude, better put that thing away before Harold get here. He's always gobbling up everyone's cock and never saves any for us.

b. Hey cock gobbler, where the fuck is my sandwich? Oh, ma' you know I love you. You serious, no fuckin' chicken salad for me?
by Sgt. Synonym July 28, 2008
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