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2 definitions by Sgt Rocque

Having fondled a subordinate and made sexual overtures (homo or hetero), subsequently blaming on a third party (often a sitting president), to avoid taking responsibility.
It was a spectacular massa-tribution. Eric made a grab for his staffer and blamed it on the President. It's equally as unlikely that Mother Theresa was responsible for his salty language.
by Sgt Rocque March 09, 2010
Adj. All glitz and glitter, no substance. Looks good, but behind the appearance, deficient.
The candidate hit all the political hot-buttons of her cohort, but was woefully short of factual detail and well reasoned policies.

The cheer leading squad was lead by a palinesque looker, not a blonde, but a brunette simpleton.
by Sgt Rocque March 09, 2010