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A penis that resembles a tree trunk or an oversized sexual toy. A love length of substantial proportions.

AKA Megahog
1. Get your laughing gear around my boomhound.
2. Oh my god look at the size of kev's boomhound you can see it through his jeans.
3. Which is bigger, my boomhound or this child?
4. Sometimes I think this boomhound is just too big.
5. When I meet a girl who can deal with the full length of my boomhound Im getting married.
by Sgt Kroney & The Circle April 06, 2005
The thick, white, treacle-like monkey spunkwhich eminates from the male love length.

Cum, spunk, spuff, sticky white love piss, man juice, hot white coconuts originally from the vainy tree of love, wank produce
where did this love juice come from?
by Sgt Kroney & The Circle April 06, 2005
A penis big enough to rip a woman into 14 pieces.

AKA Boomhound
1. Please step back your poking me with your megahog.
2. Oh daddy your megahog tastes so good.
3. Put your megahog away, it's scaring the children.
4. What's wrong with your leg? Wait a minute... that's not your leg... it's your megahog!
by Sgt Kroney & The Circle April 06, 2005
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